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Hidden in Plain Sight

Unlock the secrets to understanding and influencing the world around you with our groundbreaking book, "Hidden in Plain Sight." Dive into the art of people whispering and learn how to decode the patterns of communication that reveal the essence of who we are.

Communication Secrets You are Just Not Seeing

Bill Hicks

"Truly the path to becoming a master of human interaction!"

Are You Ready to Become a Master of Human Interaction?

Our book is not just another guide on how to manipulate others. It's a journey into the heart of genuine influence, where being acknowledged and understood is the cornerstone of powerful communication.

People whisperers are not a myth—they are the masters of reading between the lines, and now you can be one too.

Leadership Skills

Delve into the complex social and scientific principles that govern our interactions.

What You'll Discover Inside:

The Pattern of Tells

Beyond Poker Faces

Ethical Influence

Real-World Stories

Scientific Insight

Like a skilled player reading their opponent, you'll learn to interpret behaviors to make better decisions in every interaction.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to lead with confidence and empathy in the business world.

Cultivate a positive impact based on mutual understanding, not manipulation.

Explore narratives from both personal and business settings that illustrate the profound effects of effective communication.

Learn to spot the subtle cues in what people say and do—and what they don't—to uncover their true intentions.

Who Will Benefit from "Hidden in Plain Sight"?


Improve your personal relationships and everyday interactions.

Business Professionals

Enhance your leadership and negotiation skills.


Lead your organization with a newfound understanding of human dynamics.

Are You Ready to Become a Master of Human Interaction?

A columnist with Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Becker’s Health Review, Michael Ashley has written nearly 50 books on many subjects, including four bestsellers. His books have been published by Wiley, Simon & Schuster, The Quarto Group, Fast Company Press, and McGraw Hill. A former Disney screenwriter and college professor of writing, his work has appeared in FOX Sports, HuffPost, Entertainment Weekly, National Examiner, the United Nations’ ITU News Magazine, The Orange County Register, and The Orange County Business Journal.

Michael is a professional speaker who keynotes and conducts workshops for national organizations, including ProVisors and Vistage. The father of two exceptional young boys, Michael is married to the love of his life and lives in North Idaho.

Michael ashley

Meet the Authors

Coauthor of Roadmap to Remarkable! and Enhancing Your Business Value, Randy Walton is a featured speaker on the Global Leadership Platform for Leadercast. He is also a noted orator on negotiation and human influence skills. Randy has founded multiple global consulting practices as a former tech executive. He is a pioneer in developing compelling, profitable market strategies using a values-driven assessment and ideation process.

Possessing extensive experience in corporate strategic planning, operations management, marketing, technology operations, business consulting, and organizational leadership, Randy is also a social entrepreneur.

Over the years, he has successfully collaborated with many international non-profits to identify impactful strategies for community development, gain access to clean water, develop education and healthcare models, and hone leader development. He currently serves as board chairman for Refuge Coffee Co. and is involved with the boards of for-profit and non-profit organizations. He is a noted authority on corporate board governance.

Randy Walton

Ready to Change the Way You Communicate?

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Praise for "Hidden in Plain Sight"

Chief Relationship Officer - UKG

Bill Hicks

"Hidden in Plain Sight unlocks the powerful secrets to mastering relationship and influence. Truly the path to becoming a master of human interaction!"

“Randy Walton has an uncanny ability to read and lead people. Within the pages Hidden in Plain Sight, he reveals the secrets of creating relationally rich environments characterized by high trust, deep connectivity, and appropriate accountability. Individuals and organizations alike will benefit greatly from applying the principles and practices outlined in this book. Consider it your handbook for crafting a remarkable culture.”

Dr. Randy Ross

founder and CEO of Remarkable! And bestselling author and speaker

President - Inspire Leadership Network

Jonathan Frye

"Randy has an unique ability to decode human behavior, understand motivations, and to discern people and culture. This book can teach you the same principles to become truly adept at the art of reading people."

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