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Hidden in Plain Sight

Unlock the secrets to understanding and influencing the world around you with our groundbreaking book, "Hidden in Plain Sight." Dive into the art of people whispering and learn how to decode the patterns of communication that reveal the essence of who we are.

Communication Secrets You are Just Not Seeing

Bill Hicks

"Truly the path to becoming a master of human interaction!"



Safeguarding your Business and Legacy

  • Estate planning
  • Family legacy and multigenerational ownership
  • Personal legacy
  • Marketplace reputation and community identity
  • Tax mitigation
  • Future plans

As a business owner, your company often represents your most significant financial asset. Ensuring its continued success or planning for a smooth exit strategy becomes one of the most critical decisions you will ever make.

However, this choice goes beyond mere financial considerations. It's a deeply consequential decision that incorporates an array of aspects, including:

exit planning and leadership succession

Consider these facts regarding exit and succession planning:

  • 99% of business owners agree that a transition strategy is vital
  • 79% of owners don't have a written transition plan
  • 48% haven't done any planning at all
  • 94% lack a personal "third act" plan
  • More than 70% of businesses listed for sale don't sell
  • Merely 30% of family businesses transition to the second generation, and only 12% survive to the third

exit planning and leadership succession



Exit Planning isn't just a concept; it's a detailed business strategy process that helps you, the business owner and leader, navigate a personal transition while prioritizing and protecting what matters most.

We stand on the brink of one of the most significant wealth transfers in history as baby boomer business owners plan to pass on the companies they've built to the next generation.

Our team has extensive experience in managing the intricacies of both family and non-family business transitions. As Certified Exit Planners, we serve as your advocate, coordinating with legal, tax, financial, estate, and personal teams to ensure your transition is a success and your legacy is preserved.

exit planning and leadership succession


"What really made The Walton Group stand out from any other consulting firm we have worked with was the attention to detail and discovery that went into their engagement with us. They invested time understanding every facet of our business first so that as they guided us through the process they understand our business as well as we do. They are our ‘go to’ partner for solving our difficult problems."

ADP Dealer Services VP and General Manager


Kevin Hendrick

"For the past 9+ years we have had the pleasure of working with Randy Walton and his consultants. Key endeavors have included ongoing mentorship, facilitation, emerging leader development and project consulting. We have had continued success working with Randy, and looking forward to our continued partnership with Randy and team."

Chief Relationship Officer & SVP of
Customer Relations at Ultimate Software


Bill Hicks

"The Walton Group is a trusted adviser to my company and has had a significant impact on our success. Their intelligence, values and vision make them a great asset to any company looking to evolve to the next level. I recommend them highly!"

Bell Oaks


Randy Hain

"The Walton Group’s insight on organizational structure and strategic design is valuable and actionable. Randy Walton has been of tremendous help to me professionally and personally. Absolutely one of the smartest guys I know."

VP of Innovation at COX Automotive 


Donald Foy

Owners looking to sell or transfer ownership within the next 3 - 5 years






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